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Video Of The Original Anesthetist Doctor

Recently, social media networks are being revived by the presence of anesthesiologist doctor video viral information twitter .

The reason is that, in the Short Duration of the video, there is a video made by an employee who is in the surgical center of the Student Hospital of the Heloneida Woman.

Untitled public health nursing and technical assistance will suspect the behavior as well as the amount of sedation that was given by a pregnant mother’s doctor in the other two operations.

In a note, Bezerra’s defense said it was waiting to access the testimony just to express itself.

Well if you are curious about the short length of the video then below the admin has provided some video related to original anesthesiologist doctor video .

Anesthesiologist Video Twitter

In the depiction, it is possible to observe that Giovanni had been positioned on the other side using a cloth, which could cover the victim from shoulder to shoulder above him.

And after the administrator deeply researched through various sources, it turned out that the video clip content was an action that was not appropriate to be performed.

This was done by a doctor for his patient who was pregnant, using a cloth, he directly performed his crazy action to the patient who had given the sedative.

Of course, this incident invited many netizens and angered internet users for what a doctor did to his patients.

Video of the Anesthesiologist Portal Zacarias

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